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EA Sports Simulation: Connor Bedard destined for a legendary career
Video game company EA Sports is renowned for the simulations it performs with its games prior to any major event. The latest big event to be simulated was the career of Connor Bedard, who will probably be drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks, as they got the very first pick in the draft.

The NHL 23 simulation promises a great career for Connor Bedard.

EA Sports predicts a career of 1884 points. That’s huge! In fact, it would be enough to make him the fourth-highest scorer in NHL history, just three points behind Mark Messier. He would even surpass the legendary Gordie Howe in points.

It should also be noted that, still according to the prediction, he would play 1,455 games in his career. That’s the equivalent of 17 seasons of 82 games without missing one, plus 61 additional games. He should therefore play these 1455 games in a minimum of 18 seasons. As an example, Alex Ovechkin has already played 18 seasons in the NHL, but has only 1347 games under his belt. He’s still a long way from 1455. We can therefore expect to see Connor Bedard play for a long time.

The Calder Trophy is expected. There should be plenty of good youngsters in the NHL next year, but nothing to match Bedard.

Four Hart trophies is crazy. Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin didn’t win that many in their careers. The same goes for the four Ted Lindsay trophies he’s predicted to win. Ovechkin and Crosby have three each.

The simulation also predicts two Maurice Richard trophies, which sounds reasonable. No Art Ross trophy, however. With 1884 career points, he’ll certainly have won a few Art Ross trophies. At least one! Unless Connor McDavid becomes a real monster and steals the honor every year of his career.

And finally, three Stanley Cups. That could very well happen, but he’ll have to be well surrounded. It took a long time for the Capitals and Alex Ovechkin to touch the Stanley Cup, Connor McDavid is still looking for his first title and Nathan MacKinnon finally got it with a team full of talent.

An incredible career certainly awaits Connor Bedard. Will he do better or worse than this simulation? We’ll only know in 20 years’ time.

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