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Images of Senators players at the party are making the rounds on the web

For the sixth consecutive season, the Senators have missed the playoffs. With the emergence of Tim Stutzle and the arrivals of Claude Giroux and Alex DeBrincat, one might have hoped, but Ottawa simply isn’t ready to compete with the big boys from the Atlantic.

With the end-of-season toll behind them, many Sens players took advantage of the weekend to celebrate in the nation’s capital. While professional athletes usually try to be subtle with their partying, that wasn’t the case here. Twitter users shared photos and videos of the players, and it’s a sight to behold.

In particular, defenseman Jakob Chychrun improvised as a shirtless bartender.

Jake Sanderson also showed off his mixologist skills, this time wearing a sweater.

And finally, we saved the best for last. In broad daylight in downtown Ottawa, a visibly intoxicated Brady Tkachuk waxes on about how they’ll win the Stanley Cup, much to the delight of passersby.

It’s a safe bet that the Senators’ PR team probably wasn’t too happy when they woke up Saturday morning. But these are the kinds of images that put a smile on your face.

Like many people, professional athletes also like to party and have a few drinks. Despite their status, it’s important to remember that they’re normal people. What’s more, in this case, we’re talking about young men in their early twenties.

In short, there’s nothing surprising about it, and personally, it makes me like Sens even more.

Although we’re more accustomed to seeing athletes celebrate like this after winning a championship or a competition, the end of a field hockey season is also a good reason to celebrate.

Still, nothing will ever beat Alex Ovechkin’s performance after his Stanley Cup in 2018.

And you also have to give Tkachuk credit that this isn’t just something he said because he’d been drinking. At the end-of-season wrap-up, he talked about how disappointed he was to have missed the playoffs again, and how he believed the team’s core was good enough to be successful in the future.

Bunch of news

– Very bad news.

– Very impressive.

– Obviously.

– Important victory for the Lakers.

– I can’t wait to see how the young Devils perform.

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