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The chances of the Canadiens drafting a defenseman in the first round are very high
Credit: Photo by Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images
Pretty much everyone agrees that in the first round (and in the second, in my opinion), the GM and his team should select the highest-ranked player on their list, period.

Of course, organizations all have different lists because one, their evaluation criteria aren’t the same and two, not all scouts like all players in the same way.

The Habs, for example, seem to prioritize raw talent, size, character and the likelihood of becoming a high-quality player, not of turning out to be a home run. Other organizations think differently.

Some teams don’t draft in Russia, Quebec or certain European countries, while others love these selections.

But in the end, it’s been shown that a team that follows its list and drafts the best player available is more likely to make good selections in the end than another team that goes down its list to draft a player playing a specific position. In short, it’s best to avoid drafting according to need. Especially when the player selected (or ignored) will only have an impact in a few years’ time…

Needs have time to change.

And it avoids mistakes that make the entire management team look bad a few years later!

And yet, many experts AND fans are calling for a striker right now, on the pretext that we have too many defensemen (especially young ones) in Montreal.

I don’t want to point fingers. You only have to follow Quebec sports news to find out who doesn’t want to see the Habs draft a defenseman, no matter what the situation…

Ten days from now in Vegas, I’d like to see Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton, Nick Bobrov and Martin Lapointe pronounce the name of the highest-ranked day on their top five, that’s it. It doesn’t matter which position he plays…

If we have a surplus of assets at a given position at a given time, we’ll make a trade.

Here’s MY personal top 5 for the first round:

1. Macklin Celebrini
2. Ivan Demidov (even though he plays in the KHL)
3. Sam Dickinson
4. Tij Iginla
5. Zayne Parehk/Artyum Levshunov

The Canadiens have their own.

When it comes time to talk about the fifth spot, I’d like to see the Habs name the highest-ranked player on their list. The chances of it being a defenseman are enormous. Especially since Anton Silayev and Zeev Buium are being touted by several scouts…

Cayden Lindstrom’s herniated disc… Berkly Catton’s size… Cole Eiserman’s one-dimensional game… general doubt about Beckett Sennecke…

Several forwards have downsides, and we’re headed for a defensemans’ drafts.

In Rome, do as the Romans do.

In an Asian restaurant, don’t ask if they have shepherd’s pie.

Don’t take your hockey stick to the golf course.

And if the best player available in the fifth spot is a defenseman, draft a defenseman. That’s it!

Then we’ll see what we do with it all! #BeautifulProblem


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