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To hear Bob Hartley tell it, Maxim Tsyplakov is an ideal player for the Habs.
Credit: Photo by Maksim Konstantinov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
Before this week, few people knew the name Maxim Tsyplakov.

That’s normal, because we’re talking about a guy who’s been playing in Russia since the start of his career.

But now we’re hearing about him because the Habs have met him and because he’s of interest to Habs management.

Bob Hartley is one of the guys best placed to talk about Tsyplakov, having coached against him in the KHL in recent years.

That said, Hartley was on BPM Sports to describe the player’s style… And to hear him tell it, Tsyplakov sounds like the ideal player for the Habs.

  • Imposing size at 6’2′ and 190 lbs.
  • A player who puts his nose in traffic
  • A player who doesn’t play on the periphery
  • Excellent shot
  • Style of play adapted to North America

Bob Hartley explains that the Habs have what it takes to attract him because Nick Bobrov has contacts in Russia… And that forces him to believe that the possibility of Tsyplakov signing in Montreal is very real :

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Habs acquired him. – Bob Hartley

Maxim Tsyplakov is an interesting player because he exploded in the KHL this season, with a total of 31 goals (45 points) in 65 games.

On the other hand, it can be harder for a guy to adapt from the KHL to the NHL… And as far as expectations go, there’s no need to be alarmed.

Bob Hartley sees him as a player who can fill a role on the 3rd line, which is no mean feat either.

But the Russian ticks several boxes in the Habs’ needs: he’s big, he’s got a good skating stroke and he’s capable of scoring goals.

At least, that’s what Kent Hughes is looking for.

Obviously, Maxim Tsyplakov wouldn’t come to Montreal as the savior of the rebuild.

But if he can quickly adjust to the pace of the National League and the Habs’ style of play, Kent Hughes could get his hands on a good hockey player who could help the club on the ice.

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