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David Reinbacher still not back in the game
Two weeks ago, to the day, David Reinbacher was injured during a match in Switzerland.

On October 18, we learned that he had avoided a knee fracture. At the time, we were talking about an absence of up to one to three weeks

And today, HC Kloten lost to Lausanne when the CH hopeful was not in the line-up, as Grant McCagg reported on Twitter (X).

We shouldn’t panic though, because he’s not behind on his rehab, but we understand he’s not ahead either.

Reinbacher last played on October 13. Since then…

HC Kloten have lost four of their last five games. The absence of the defender has taken its toll on the team, which now sits 13th in the league (out of 14) with a record of five wins, ten losses and one overtime defeat…

And it’s even more worrying when you realize that the team has scored four goals in its last four games (and has been shut out twice).

Things are going badly at the moment.

As for Reinbacher, we still don’t know when he might return to action. Based on his rehabilitation timetable, however, we can assume that he could be back in uniform by mid-November.

HC Kloten play tomorrow, and the club’s next game is next Tuesday, October 31. Will we see the Canadiens’ hopeful make his comeback by then?

It’s a shame, because he’s probably missing games at the moment, but what the heck. The important thing is that we’re not talking about an injury that looks very, very serious.

Breaking news

– Oliver Kapanen is doing well.

– What a beautiful amphitheatre!

– Chic, good old Brad.

– Well, I hope so!

– It will be a great experience.

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