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Andrew Shaw: “P.K. Subban’s teammates hated him”.

When he played in Montreal, P.K. Subban was many people’s favourite player… and for logical reasons.

He was, after all, one of the best defensemen in the National League, and what people loved about P.K. was his outspokenness.

He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind in front of reporters, and he wasn’t afraid to be criticized for his comments.

We all agree that, P.K., well… It’s P.K.

Some people liked his attitude, others did not. He spoke loudly wherever he went, because he has a big personality… And he was often criticized for that.

Andrew Shaw took things to the next level, however, by commenting on an Instagram post that highlighted the defenseman’s overall talent on the ice.

The CH alumnus (really) didn’t hold back, openly saying that P.K. was hated by his teammates… And Shaw added another layer, saying that Subban was playing for himself, not his club.

A big S/O to the boys at Habs Fan TV for the find :

Where it gets a little weird…

When you realize that Shaw and Subban have never played a single game for the same team.

Was the word out to the four corners of the National League?

Having said that… Andrew Shaw is a bit ill-positioned to speak out because he covered himself in ridicule a few months ago by saying that Kyle Beach, the player who was sexually assaulted by a member of the Blackhawks, should never have put himself in that situation…

And by saying that it was partly his fault that all this happened.

I’m not sure that the various NHL players would welcome him into their dressing room.

Back to P.K., though…

It’s true that he took up a lot of room in the dressing room, and that must have bothered some people. But I find it hard to believe that he really put his individual success ahead of that of the teams he played for, when every time his club scored…

He was the first to jump into the arms of the player who scored the goal in question.

And when I think of the hugs with Carey Price and the kiss Andrei Markov gave him after an important goal in the playoffs… I find it hard to believe that “all his teammates” hated him, as Andrew Shaw insinuates.

In gusto

– Interested parties:

– With Mike Babcock as head coach? Can’t wait to see it.

– Too bad for Matthew Knies, who was ready to return to action the day the Leafs were eliminated from the playoffs.

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