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Coyotes: 11 players (!!!) have received professional trial contracts
Ahhhh, misery.

Look, I’m not old… I’m not old… But ever since I was very young, when I hear about the Arizona Coyotes, it’s usually not a good sign.

Because, basically, the club has been the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons for several years now… So much so that it’s become the laughing stock of the National League.

Today, the club made a rather peculiar announcement in a post on Platform X (or Twitter, if you prefer).

It’s not two, not three… but 11 players who have received a professional invitation (PTO) to the team’s camp.

We’re talking about defensemen Peter DiLiberatore, Olli Juolevi and Austin Strand…

On offense, we’re talking about Hunter Drew, Ryan Dzingle (!), Patrick Harper, Micah Miller, Camron Hebig, Austin Poganski, Colin Theisen and Reese Vitelli.

Let’s face it: we love to laugh at the Coyotes and we love to hate the organization all over the NHL for not doing things the right way.

It’s as simple as that.

But while today’s announcement may seem unusual to many, and with good reason… there’s a definite reason behind it.

The Coyotes will be playing a warm-up game in Australia, and they’ll also be playing five games in two days, including three on September 23 alone.

No, it’s not a joke:

(Credit: Google)

The squad needs guys who can fill jerseys… And in the end, they had no choice but to invite certain players because they would never have had the numbers to play.

That said… It’s a bit of a pinprick because the team managers will never have the chance to evaluate all their guys. And that’s going to be difficult, given that three games will be played on a single day…

But hey. Sounds like the Arizona Coyotes, doesn’t it?

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