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Logan Mailloux impressed the NHL
This summer, Logan Mailloux met with the NHL for reasons we all know.

He had to get the league’s approval in order to play on the Bettman circuit… And while the announcement hasn’t come out in the open yet, we know it’s a formality.

At least, that’s what Jeff Gorton said on Monday at the Montreal Canadiens’ annual golf tournament .

Since his selection in the 2021 draft, Mailloux has been working on himself. He has had the necessary help and coaching from the CH to “become a better person”, and the organization is very proud of his work.

He deserves all the credit he gets because he took the steps to understand what he had done wrong. He is now spoken of as a mature young man… But it’s not just when the Habs talk about him.

Bill Daly and NHL executives are also thinking along the same lines. Renaud Lavoie met with him, and the man who acts as Gary Bettman’s assistant made it quite clear that Mailloux impressed them when they met in July.

Further proof of just how much the young man has grown in humility and maturity over the past (already) two years… And further proof that Mailloux will get the green light as soon as he’s eligible to play in the NHL.

We have to take our hats off to him… But we must also salute the work of the leaders of the Montreal organization.

We welcomed with open arms a kid who was in a difficult situation and who had made a blunder.

What’s important, though, is that we were able to give him the support he needed from the management side to make him realize the consequences of his action, and we offered him the guidance he needed when he wasn’t doing well… And above all, we never stopped believing in him, despite everything.

I can’t imagine how good that must have made him feel throughout this process, which, in the eyes of many people, is beginning to feel interminable.

Because, in the end, it’s about time we were able to turn the page on this story. Logan Mailloux did what he had to do, and now it’s all behind him.

But once again… the CH’s work and that of the main player must be commended.

That’s what I remember most about this case.

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