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Connor Bedard was advised to “get some cougars” (and it didn’t go down well).

Connor Bedard is a well-behaved little guy. He comes from a family where he was clearly taught humility, and he’s always saying that he has to earn his place with the Chicago Hawks.

According to his mother, he’s never eaten fast food and is, on paper, the ideal son-in-law.

But right now, he’s in the NHL jungle. That said, as the first pick in the last auction and a uniquely talented young man, it’s clear that he’s attracting a lot of attention.

And not all the comments are relevant.

Recently, on this subject, the guys from the Cam & Strick podcast decided to mix 1980s tavern talk with a 2020s podcast. And it didn’t go over well.

In an excerpt that was deleted by the principals involved (but still exists because some Internet users saved the whole thing in time), the guys decided to advise Bedard to “boink cougars” so he could… benefit from their wisdom.

For those who don’t speak English, we’ll sum it up quickly. First, there was the bit where they wondered if Bedard was dicking around (to put it mildly) with experienced women.

The thought? A cougar will understand the game and won’t get him in trouble. And what’s more, the potential cougar could, again according to the podcast, do things to him that I’ll leave you to imagine.

The guys imagine that every girl Bedard’s age is going to want him to say “I love you” and that cougars won’t be such a problem for him. This also implies that Bedard won’t want anything serious, of course.

But a cougar, instead, will be able to tell him that she has a spa, that she has wine, that she’ll “take care of him” before driving him home… as well as cooking him dinner.

Of course, the two men of their day said Bedard would “appreciate the advice” going forward. Reminder: this extract has been deleted by the podcast boys, surely because of too much positive feedback.

We’ve seen better, let’s say.

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