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Matvei Michkov finally loaned to another KHL club

I literally screamed “FINALLY!” at home when I saw the news. It came out so loud I probably disturbed the whole neighborhood… But hey.

It’s a good thing it wasn’t 10 p.m., because I’d clearly have woken up all the kids who’d already been asleep for a while.

Matvei Michkov has finally been loaned out to another KHL club. St. Petersburg SKA loaned him to Sochi, the same organization with which he finished the 2022-2023 campaign.

It’s pretty much a carbon copy of last year’s situation, basically.

It’s about time this happened, because with SKA, he wasn’t playing.

He was left out three times in the club’s first four games and spent 6 minutes and 12 seconds on the ice in the game he did play in.

It was said that this was detrimental to his development, and now the SKA management understands it too.

This is good news for him… Because last year, he was successful in Sochi. He got the playing time he needed to demonstrate his skills, and he racked up 20 points in 27 games, a particularly attractive output for an 18-year-old in the KHL.

And in the end, it’s the Flyers who must be delighted to learn all this. Daniel Brière must have cursed the way he was treated in St. Petersburg…

Now, Mishkov is back in an environment he knows well, and that should help him on the ice. The Sochi club isn’t necessarily the most talented in the Russian league, so he could quickly become the team’s offensive leader.

He needs a big role if he is to continue to develop properly, and SKA wasn’t in a position to offer him that.

It’ll be different now… and we’ll have to see how he responds to all this adversity.

Because now, it’s as if he’s getting a fresh start and a breath of fresh air.

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