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Here’s how the CH’s new therapist plans to help players recover faster
The Canadiens hired Jim Rasmey as head therapist and Maxime Gauthier as head physiotherapist in June. Gauthier has an amazing technique for getting players back on their feet faster.

TVA Sports journalist Renaud Lavoie was on Paul Houde’s BPM Sports show Monday morning to discuss these two important Habs hires.

He revealed Maxime Gauthier’s technique.

He talks about a “dry needle” technique. This technique involves taking a specially designed needle and passing it through the skin to the injured muscle or bone.

Our bodies are always trying to repair and heal themselves, and they do it well. However, some injuries can take a long time to heal. The needle sends a signal to the brain that the affected area is important and needs to be addressed more quickly than other minor problems in the body.

It seems to be very effective, since around 200 athletes have been treated by Gauthier over the course of his career, according to Renaud Lavoie. Among these 200 athletes, there are even Formula 1 drivers, who have made the trip to Quebec to receive this kind of treatment from Maxime Gauthier.

All of which is one of the reasons why Renaud Lavoie declared on-air that the hiring of these new therapists were the Canadiens’ two most important acquisitions this summer.

Last season, the Rangers were the least injured team in the NHL by far. Jim Ramsey was one of them.

Meanwhile, Canadiens players missed a total of 541 games during the season, which is a team record. Not a record to be proud of.

Think about it: three times last season, four Habs players were injured in the same week.

According to Lavoie, some Rangers players have told him that Ramsey’s work with the Rangers is impeccable. He uses the right words, he manages to reassure the players and his techniques work.

Jeff Gorton has spent a good part of his career with the New York Rangers and has seen Jim Ramsey at work. A little bird tells me that he liked what he saw and that he wants the same thing in Montreal.

Let’s face it, a healthy team is 100 times better than one full of injuries.

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