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Moving Florida sports teams because you don’t like Ron DeSantis

I ‘m so tired of this!

Sorry for the milk rush, but I couldn’t help myself. And it still is.

What am I tired of? Our health care system (I ran for 2 days to get a minor emergency appointment and I just found out I had scarlet fever… after finding a pharmacy in a town other than mine that offered paid strep tests).

Our education system (my children are no longer entitled to school transportation because we live 1.97 km from the school and the school service center has raised the limit from 1.5 km to 2 km. As a result , my children have to cross Highway 40 twice a day all year round).

In short, I’m fed up with a lot of things… but what pisses me off the most today is this kind of title-liner combination:

Why am I tired?

Because for the past few years – especially since COVID-19 – a lot of people on the left have been having fun demonstrating their good virtue by taking this kind of stand.

This La Presse headline was written by Martin St-Victor.

I don’t know Ms. St-Victor.

If you look her up, you’ll find that she’s the director of Edelman Montréal, a public relations firm located in the heart of the Plateau…

And that she’d like us to “love” Florida a little less.

Her starting point is that Lionel Messi makes a city and state that are already unique and supercharged shine even brighter…

But because of Governor Ron DeSantis, she wonders if all the MLB teams (there are 15 of them) who hold their training camp there should change location…

(Credit: YouTube)

She defends Disney (though a big capitalist corporation), the LGBTQ+ community, ethnic communities, teachers, young students, some students (on the left, like many students), Ukraine…

And she claims that several organizations have announced their intention not to hold planned conferences in Florida (forgetting to mention all the companies and people who have smiled on Florida since 2020)…

To finish her text, she even goes so far as to wonder whether professional sports leagues should stop having teams in Florida.

She wants to wait a few more months before giving a definitive answer to this question, but we can only imagine the direction her mind is currently taking.

“It’s a thought that will be more difficult to do thoughtfully in the middle of January, but as long as Ron DeSantis is governor of Florida, it will have its raison d’être. I haven’t yet crossed Miami off my future travel plans, but I’m thinking about it.”Martine St-Victor

You know when you mix up a lot of things and your speech doesn’t hold water?

Just because the governor of a state or the president of a country isn’t on your political radar doesn’t mean you have to spit on that state or country.

And even if you do, it’s a waste of time. It’s not a text written on the set that’s going to make an industry (professional sports) that generates billions change its strategy.


It seems that this kind of text is written more to signal to ” the gang ” that you’re there, that you exist, that you think like them, that you’re among the virtuous, that you want virtue points too.

Criticize DeSantis? OK. No trouble there! Really not even! Even if, ironically, you’ve just spent a few days in Florida…

But those who don’t like Joe Biden or the governor of California aren’t advocating that the NFL move cities, states or even countries. If they did, they’d be ridiculed by the righteous.

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