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Tony DeAngelo in Carolina: trade could finally take place today
A few weeks ago, we were treated to a rather bizarre saga surrounding a transaction that has not (yet) taken place.

In fact, a few days before the draft, all the rumors indicated that Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Tony DeAngelo would be traded to the Carolina Hurricanes, making a return to the Hurricanes less than a year after leaving them.

The deal was for the Flyers to retain 50% of DeAngelo’s salary and receive a prospect in return.

However, the deal was never made official.

Why wasn’t it?

Well, because the National Hockey League had major reservations about DeAngelo returning to Carolina less than a year after signing a two-year, $5-million-a-year contract with the Flyers.

The NHL found it highly suspicious that the defenseman would return to Carolina at 50% of his retained salary, wondering if the Hurricanes had used strategy against salary cap rules to obtain DeAngelo at a lower salary.

Especially considering that the Hurricanes had traded DeAngelo’s autonomy rights to the Flyers.

The NHL didn’t like the fact that the contract was going back to Carolina at half price, as if there was an agreement between the two teams.

However, the Flyers don’t have the same general manager as they did then, now that Daniel Brière is in charge.

In short, the NHL’s reservations would have forced the two teams involved in the transaction to put the brakes on talks and the announcement of the deal.

Well, we learned this weekend that the transaction could finally take place today.

Why is that?

Well, from what we understand, it’s simply because DeAngelo has been a member of the Philadelphia Flyers for a year now.

Indeed, last summer, DeAngelo signed his contract with the Flyers as a free agent on July 8, 2022.

And now, magically, on July 9, 2023, the deal looks set to go through.

As planned, the Flyers would retain 50% of DeAngelo’s salary, while receiving a prospect in return.

That prospect would be Massimo Rizzo, drafted in the seventh round (216th overall) by the Hurricanes in 2019.

In short, after weeks of rumors and discussions, DeAngelo could finally become a member of the Hurricanes again as recently as today.

DeAngelo is likely to be very happy if all this materializes, given that he wasn’t Flyers head coach John Tortorella’s favorite – on the contrary.

To be continued.

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