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Laval Rocket: many young hopefuls will be part of the line-up
The 2023-2024 season will be a very important one for the entire Montreal Canadiens organization.

And why is that?

Well, because finally, after two miserable seasons finishing respectively 32nd and last in 2021-2022, and 28th in 2022-2023, the CH will have its sights set on success.

I’m not saying that the CH is aiming for the Stanley Cup, on the contrary.

I’m just saying that the Tricolore can finally look ahead, rather than hoping to improve their chances of getting a good draft pick.

Of course, it’s quite possible that the CH will still be drafting in the top tier next season, considering how strong the Atlantic division will be next season.

But the fact remains that CH fans will be excited to see the progress in the rebuild via the development of young players.

Hopefully, injuries will be better managed and avoided than in last season’s nightmare.

And this progression, well, it will take place in Montreal, of course, with the Cole Caufield and Kirby Dach of this world, but it will also take place in Laval with the Rocket.

Indeed, given the congestion of players in Montreal, a number of hopefuls will find themselves in the AHL.

So, just outside Montreal, we’ll be able to see some of the NHL’s second-best bank of prospects in action.

The Rocket line-up will finally be made up of a number of quality young prospects, rather than the veterans who had no future with the big club before.

A wind of change that will be most beneficial.

Here’s what the Laval Rocket’s line-up could look like for the 2023-2024 season.


Congestion at forward in Montreal will prompt several young players to join the Laval Rocket.

First of all, Jean-François Houle should be able to count on the arrival of two quality QMJHL prospects in Joshua Roy and Riley Kidney.

The two youngsters drafted by the CH in 2020 have dominated the QMJHL this year, so they’re clearly ready to take the next step in their development.

They’ll get plenty of playing time, and should be among the team’s best, along with two prospects who made their professional debuts last year, Emil Heineman and Sean Farrell.

Heineman destroyed everything last season with the Rocket when he arrived from Europe. He amassed seven goals and two assists in just 11 games, so he’ll certainly be a Rocket mainstay this year.

As for Farrell, he joined the CH after his season in the NCAA, but didn’t manage to stand out that much.

A stint in the AHL with plenty of ice time will clearly benefit him.

Laval will also be able to count on the arrival of new players from the OHL and WHL.

Filip Mesar is set to play for the Rocket after a season with the OHL’s Kitchener Rangers, while Jared Davidson has signed a one-year contract with the Rocket from the WHL.

Davidson will have to prove himself worthy of a new contract at the end of the season, when his rights may not be retained by the CH.

All in all, here’s what the Rocket line-up could look like, with a few of last year’s players, of course, as well as the unfortunate ones who will be cut from the CH camp, including Lias Andersson, who I mentioned this morning.

Emil Heineman – Rem Pitlick – Filip Mesar

Sean Farrell – Lias Andersson – Joshua Roy

Philippe Maillet – Jared Davidson – Riley Kidney

Jan Mysak – Xavier Simoneau – Lucas Condotta

Extras: Mitchell Stephens and Jakov Novak


On defense, Rocket head coach Jean-François Houle will also be able to count on several young players.

First of all, he’ll be able to count on the return of several players.

Nicolas Beaudin, Mattias Norlinder, Olivier Galipeau and Tobie Paquette-Bisson will be back with the Rocket and available to the coach.

Two more important returns will be those of William Trudeau and Jayden Struble.

Trudeau had a solid first season in the pros, surprising everyone by earning a spot with the Rocket.

As for Struble, after concluding his NCAA season, he joined Laval, and was very solid in the 11 games he played. His further development will be interesting to follow.

The Rocket can also count on the arrival of new players.

Brady Keeper, signed at the opening of the free agent market, will add depth.

Miguël Tourigny, meanwhile, will surely have a place in Laval after spending a season against men in Slovakia, where he amassed 26 points including six goals in 46 games with Trencin Dukla.

And finally, THE potential big arrival for the Rocket, Logan Mailloux.

The Canadiens’ top prospect could probably play in the NHL as early as this year, but defensive congestion could force him to start in the AHL.

Mailloux is likely to be one of the Rocket’s defensive mainstays, needing to play as many minutes as possible after missing so many games in his junior years.

Here’s what the Rocket defense could look like.

William Trudeau – Logan Mailloux

Jayden Struble – Miguël Tourigny

Mattias Norlinder – Nicolas Beaudin

Extras: Tobie Paquette-Bisson, Olivier Galipeau and Brady Keeper.

In front of the net, we should see a duo led by Jakub Dobes. It remains to be seen whether Cayden Primeau will be placed on the ballot and claimed or not.

In conclusion, of course, many things can still change, but all indications are that the Laval Rocket will have a great team to follow this season, with plenty of prospects to keep an eye on.

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