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CH: second-best NHL prospect bank according to Byron Bader’s model
Times have really changed for the Montreal Canadiens when it comes to the quality of their prospect pool.

Just a few years ago, the CH had a rather ordinary bank of prospects year after year, filled with players for whom expectations were rather moderate.

The team drafted pretty poorly, and did so on a regular basis. It became normal that the team almost never had youngsters pushing to make the NHL team.

I remember one year when Brendan Gallagher and Alex Galchenyuk made the team, which really got everyone excited.

However, in the last 2-3 seasons, the Tricolore have picked themselves up in terms of their draft, and have found a way to build a very nice bank of prospects.

In fact, by improving it draft after draft, this bank of prospects is now considered one of the best in the NHL.

In fact, according to Byron Bader’s model, the CH has the second-best prospect bank in the NHL.

This model analyzes each team’s prospects using historical comparisons to assign a potential to each of these prospects.

Byron Bader analyzes all this data to rank the NHL teams’ prospect banks.

And in his latest list, the Montreal Canadiens find themselves in second place (one place higher than last year) only behind the Columbus Blue Jackets.

(Credit: Byron Bader/Hockey Prospecting)

The CH’s ranking really sheds light on the CH’s various prospects.

It should be noted that some players who have already played in the NHL, such as Juraj Slafkovsky, are still included in this list, which clearly helps the Tricolore’s cause.

Still, it’s really encouraging for the future of the Bleu Blanc Rouge.

What’s most impressive when analyzing Byron Bader’s model is that the CH would have close to 30 prospects with NHL potential.

This is huge.

Bader explains that very few teams have such an arsenal of prospects with so much depth.

The only two problems with Bader’s model are the lack of top-notch prospects in front of the net, and the lack of prospects with superstar potential.

Indeed, in terms of goaltending, the CH has no Jesper Wallstedt or Yaroslav Askarov(although that’s close) prospects on its roster.

However, the developments of the three goaltenders drafted by the CH in the last draft will be closely watched.

Jacob Fowler and Quentin Miller could well become solid goaltenders, not to mention Jakub Dobes, who is already in the CH organization.

And as for the lack of superstars, well, we know that the CH has some very good prospects, but none with the real potential to become an NHL superstar.

Drafting Matvei Michkov would certainly have helped, especially considering that the Philadelphia Flyers’ prospect bank has dropped from seventh to third in the model.

In short, the future looks bright in Montreal, and let’s hope some of these prospects reach their true NHL potential.

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