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Flyers’ top prospect after Matvei Michkov refuses to attend development camp

Like most NHL teams, the Philadelphia Flyers are currently holding their development camp. This exercise makes it possible to evaluate the prospects that the teams have on hand, regardless of the teams’ official camp. This allows the majority of prospects to be in one place, without breaking the rules of their respective leagues. That’s why, for example, Lane Hutson is currently in Montreal, even though he won’t be there for the real camp, as this is forbidden by the NCAA.

For the Flyers, the situation is a little different this year. Because of his KHL contract, Matveï Michkov can’t take part, but the team knew that even before drafting him 7th in the last round. More surprisingly, forward Cutter Gauthier refused to travel to Philadelphia for the camp.

In an interview, Daniel Brière confirmed the information, but said he wasn’t sure why Gauthier, the 5th pick in the 2022 draft, turned down the invitation.

“Cutter was invited but decided not to come. We assume it’s because he played a lot of field hockey with his participation in the World Championship.” – Daniel Brière

Note that he “assumes” it’s because Gauthier played a lot of field hockey. In other words, he didn’t get a clear explanation from Gauthier. The new general manager said he wasn’t too worried about the situation at the moment.

Let’s just say it’s pretty special!

A quick look at Cutter Gauthier’s record reveals that he played 32 games with Boston College in the NCAA, 7 games with Team USA at the World Under-20 Championship and 10 more at the World Senior Championship. Do the math any way you like, and that adds up to a whopping 49 games during the 2022-2023 season.

He’s going to hit a wall when he arrives in the NHL with an 82-game schedule to which the playoffs can be added!

Brière adds that Gauthier’s extensive travel schedule may also have played a role in his decision. Here again, I find the excuse flimsy, as the Habs’ Lane Hutson also took part in the World Championship in Tempere, Finland. Yet he was on the ice today to face the team’s other hopefuls. Oh, and I almost forgot that Hutson played 55 games this season between Boston University, the World Junior Championship and the senior team.

If it’s good enough for Gauthier, it should be good enough for Hutson, right?

We wish Daniel Brière the best of luck in getting to the bottom of this, and in re-establishing ties with his club’s second-best prospect.


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