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David Reinbacher sees Cale Makar in Lane Hutson

Let’s just say that the chemistry between David Reinbacher and Lane Hutson begins to form quite quickly.

The two young defensemen rubbed shoulders at development camp, and it didn’t take long for them to become friends. They seem to get on well together…

And it showed on the ice this morning, when they played on the same pair during the intra-squad game in Brossard.

Reinbacher’s first impressions of the American defenseman, after only a few days playing together?

It’s not complicated. The CH’s recent first choice is part of the group that sees Cale Makar in Lane Hutson:

I really like the complicity that is developing between Reinbacher and Hutson. After all, chances are they’ll be playing together in the near future…

And it’s refreshing to see the camaraderie between the two young players.

Reinbacher’s comments, as such…

They’re not necessarily new. Lane Hutson compared to Cale Makar, we’ve seen that in the past, but it’s especially interesting since Reinbacher had the opportunity to witness the American’s prowess live.

In fact, it’s true that there’s a resemblance between Makar’s style and that of the CH prospect. After all, we’re talking about two defensemen who excel in mobility, skating and offensive production.

Does this automatically mean that Lane Hutson is a future Norris Trophy winner? We all know the answer to that question.

Lane Hutson still has a lot to prove, and there’s no need to panic. But…

What he showed last season in the NCAA and the progress we’ve seen in his game in recent months are good signs for what’s to come. Fans are right to be excited because Lane Hutson is an electrifying player to watch.

Now it’s up to him to transpose his current game to the NHL.

He’s got what it takes: it remains to be seen whether he can do it.

In gusto

– Smiles were all around this morning in Brossard.

– Really?

– Marc-André Fleury shares his musical tastes!

– Stay tuned.

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