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Supporters give David Reinbacher a book of bon mots (to make him feel appreciated)

The story of the week for the Canadiens is the selection of David Reinbacher fifth overall in the latest draft. Fans in Nashville booed the selection, and on social media, the comments from fans aren’t necessarily very positive.

Fortunately, the main player isn’t worried, even though he’s active on social networks. He wants to prove to the fans who made hateful comments to him that he’s a good player.

He wants to focus only on positive messages and that’s exactly what he needs to do.

After all, the positive messages far outnumber the negative ones, and the state of the haters ‘ souls is far from representing the state of the souls of the team’s true supporters. Scrolling through my twitter lists, I came across a post by suzukipizza, a user called Patricia. This user met Reinbacher and gave him a book containing positive comments from fans following his selection.

Throughout his reading, all he had in his vocabulary was the word “wow”. I wonder if he shed a tear.

Here are a few excerpts from this famous book written by Patricia and Bianka.

Really, it’s quite a gesture from these loyal CH fans.

I hope that with this gift, in particular, the Austrian really feels he belongs in Montreal. Because he does. And over the next few years, he’ll be a very important part of the team’s success.

Today was his first NHL training session on a North American ice rink. In a post-practice interview on the Brossard soccer field, the defenseman said he had had a little difficulty adapting to the smaller ice than in Europe. But he says he’ll adapt quickly.

He also answered a few questions from fans on the Twitch platform, and the 18-year-old was at a loss for words to describe how happy he is to be in Montreal. In fact, he’ll be staying an extra night after camp to visit the city a bit.

Today, he was going to visit the Bell Centre for the first time in his life.

I can’t wait to see him in action this season, and even if he doesn’t play in North America (Laval or Montreal), we’ll definitely be following his performances very closely. One thing’s for sure: I love his attitude.

In a gust

– Real fans.

– Lane Hutson, who loves his partner dearly, also had something to say about the negative comments.

– Nice hire.

– Golf marathon.

– Interesting reading.

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