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Development Camp : Logan Mailloux is the defenseman who stands out the most
For the Canadiens, the development camp began today in Brossard.

I wrote about the duo of Lane Hutson and David Reinbacher on the opening day of camp.

Another defenseman getting a lot of attention is Logan Mailloux. The one wearing number 94 is in his first development camp with the team. In 2021, remember, he didn’t take part in activities for obvious reasons, and in 2022, he was injured.

So, here he is on the ice and apparently, he’s dominating. According to Mathieu Bédard, he’s the defenseman who stands out the most.

And, it must be said, he’s got competition; he doesn’t play with celery stalks…

Among the impressive group of defensemen in attendance are Lane Hutson and David Reinbacher, the team’s top two prospects on the blue line. Adam Engstrom and William Trudeau, highly underrated prospects on the team’s organizational chart, are also present.

However, Mailloux still has a head start on these defensemen. The fact that he’s the defenseman who stands out the most isn’t necessarily a surprise to me. After all, the guy is 20 years old and a year (even two years) older than most of his teammates. Regardless, he stands out for his physicality and his vision of the game, which is superior to that of his teammates.

Still, it’s good news that the prospect seems to be in top form. This year, he’ll be making the jump to the pros, lining up with the Laval Rocket (unless he makes the team in Montreal). Under Jean-François Houle, he’ll get plenty of ice time, play in all facets of the game and be an important defenseman for the team. If he were to start the season in the AHL, it wouldn’t be a disavowal – on the contrary. It’s really the best solution for his development.

Developing in the NHL is not optimal.

In any case, before playing in the NHL, he’ll have to meet Gary Bettman, a meeting that should go well.

In a gust

– Stylish.

– Really cool!

– Montreal will have to get back to work.

– Who’s next?

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