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David Reinbacher had a feeling the CH would draft him
David Reinbacher.

The CH has decided to go for a defenseman with the fifth pick in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft. Is it THE right choice?

We don’t know yet. And we probably won’t know for a few years.

One thing is certain, however. Even if the Austrian didn’t seem too keen on the idea of ending up in Montreal, given the impression he gave after the CH’s choice, he’s happy to be in town.

He told the media present at the draft that he’d like to see the CH call his name on the podium tonight.

Reinbacher, who says he’s excited about joining an enthusiastic guy like Cole Caufield, says he had a great meeting with CH management.

The same goes for Matvei Michkov, by the way. In the end, Kent Hughes decided to take a gamble on Reinbacher…

We’ll see what happens in the next few years.

But back to Reinbacher.

The young defenseman, like every other NHL prospect, knows just how special it is to play in Montreal. The passion, the fans…

The kid can’t wait to see what’s in store for him, I think.

We talk about him as a complete defender. A defender with a good defensive nose… And who can produce offensively.

He knows that the NHL is a different league. He knows that to be “successful” in the big league, he’ll have to fine-tune his offensive game…

Even if he’s already recognized as a guy who can support the attack.

Are we talking about a Moritz Seider 2.0?

The player’s plan is clear: Reinbacher wants to play in the NHL.

We agree: he wasn’t about to say otherwise. But I especially like the fact that Reinbacher knows the road ahead won’t be easy.

The young man is humble. And he knows he still has a few things to improve on before he can become a top defenseman in the best field hockey league on the planet.

I’m going to end this text by being transparent. Really transparent.

I screamed when I saw the CH pick because I wasn’t happy to see the CH commit to a defenseman in such an offensive lineup.

But Reinbacher seems confident in his abilities, and maybe that’s what prompted Kent Hughes to draft him.

The Austrian looks like a guy with a dog in him (pardon the pun)…

And you know as well as I do just how much the CH’s new management likes players like that.

In gusto

– Paul Byron’s boy is a soothsayer.

– Give me some tissues.

– It’s going to be fast.

– Here we go.

– I like it a lot.

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