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Russian factor: three top-12 draft picks

The Matvei Michkov file caught everyone’s attention at the draft. After all, we all know why the Flyers, who were drafting seventh, were able to select him.

One of them? The Russian factor.

Because of the war in Ukraine, the fear of selecting players from Russia is very real. Some teams simply haven’t wanted to consider the option since last year.

And clearly, the Coyotes are not among them. Why not? Because Dmitry Simashev and Daniil But, ranked sixth and second, were Arizona’s picks. What’s more, Matvei Michkov is in Philly.

In other words, the Russian factor didn’t stop two clubs from drafting players from Russia early on – and twice for the Coyotes.

It’s an interesting observation. Will this make clubs happy in the future? Watch this space.

It’s also interesting to note that three defensemen emerged in the top-11, two of them before Michkov. David Reinbacher, Simashev and Tom Willander are headed for Montreal, Arizona and Vancouver.

In the teeth of all those who say that “it’s a defensemen’s draft” and that forwards should be chosen.

After all, remember that the goal is to take the best player available – except when it comes to Mishkov, for example, since he’s a special case. If you think the defender is the best guy, you take him.

And if he’s Russian, we take him. And Arizona understands that.

In bursts

– We meet again.

– To be continued.

– The saga continues.

– Will he find himself with a new team soon?

– Really?

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