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Here’s why Mike Hoffman won’t be bought out this year

Many are hoping the Habs will part with Mike Hoffman, whose contract expires in a year’s time. At $4.5 million a season, he not only takes up space under the ceiling, he also takes up a roster spot.

Seeing him leave would be ideal.

Of course, we know that NHL teams won’t be interested in acquiring Hoffman this summer. To trade him, the CH will have to hope he has a strong start to the season and leaves as a rental player – at 50% of his salary.

The idea of a contract buyout isn’t really on the table this year, as Arpon Basu mentions, for him. The same goes for the rest of the Habs, whether it’s Brendan Gallagher or Joel Armia.

Why is this so? Because it’s still a long-term goal.

In fact, the Habs certainly don’t want to put any more money on the cap in 2024-2025. So not buying him out means taking a financial hit in 2023-2024 to save for the long term.

(Credit: Cap Friendly)

This is nothing new, but since the change in management, this is how things work in the city: the CH buys long-term flexibility when the club is good again.

After all, let’s not forget that in 2023-2024, the Habs won’t be making the playoffs. I don’t think they will, but they’ll be closer than they’ve been in two years.

And in a year’s time, the ceiling will rise even higher.

At that point, the Habs won’t want to add $1.66 million to their payroll. The club will really be trying to get to the next level, and every dollar will be important.

Expect the club to be much better in 2024-2025. So the goal will be that there really isn’t a ball and chain dragging the club down on the mass. Karl Alzner’s contract will be off the CH books in a year’s time.

The club is moving in the right direction. Buying Hoffman would be called “turning corners”, in my eyes.

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