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The Habs don’t expect Carey Price to be ready for a leadership role

As you know, Carey Price’s family is heading back West. Carey, Angela and their three children are returning to their hometown knowing full well that Price’s knee no longer allows him to play.

Their house is emptying. The move is imminent.

But does this mean that Carey, who is on the organization’s payroll , is really done with the Habs? Is there a world in which Carey could come back and help the Habs?

We’re not talking about helping out as a player, obviously, but why not lend a hand in other ways?

After all, we know that if Price wanted to, he could be an excellent mentor for younger players. In a goalkeeping coach role, it could be pretty interesting, don’t you think?

In fact, he helped Samuel Montembeault prepare for the World Championship.

But now, on The Athletic, in a paper signed officially by Arpon Basu and unofficially in collaboration with Marc-Antoine Godin, we learn that this won’t be the case.

In the short term, the CH does not see him taking on a management role or a coaching role of any kind.

It’s no great surprise to me. After all, I’ve always had the feeling that, once retired, the keeper will want to go hunting and fishing as often as possible.

I’m not saying he’ll never be with the CH, but right now he’s fine and at peace, according to his wife. Might as well let him be good in the short term, right?

When time has passed, when he’s used to living in a body that’s not as fit as it used to be (especially his knee) and if he’s hungry for field hockey, we’ll see what needs to be done.

But in reality, a role like this seems more tailor-made for a Jake Allen than a Carey Price.

Meanwhile, as far as Carey Price is concerned, the Habs are probably more concerned about keeping him off the long-term injured list this off-season, in order to save accounting space and avoid deferring performance bonuses.

These are technical discussions because of his contract… and I think that, in the short to medium term, this is the only link that will unite Price and the Flannel.

In brief

– Mid-season in MLS comes quickly.

– Aaron Ekblad won’t be starting next season on time, by the way.

– To watch.

– CH blue line promises. [BPM Sports]

– Really?

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