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Draft: the Habs do everything they can to move up

As you know, the draft won’t be easy for the Habs. After all, there’s a top-5 talent pool (Connor Bedard, Adam Fantilli, Leo Carlsson, Will Smith and Matvei Michkov), so the CH will have a chance to draft one of them.

But since Michkov is likely to be the one who slips, and the CH’s management probably doesn’t want anything to do with drafting him, that’s a problem.

Of course, there’s a world out there where the CH comes out of the “honorary top-5”, but at the end of the day, consider this: next year’s draft may not be as talented in terms of top prospects.

More importantly, in an ideal world, the CH would be drafting outside the top-5 in 2024.

All that to say, the Habs know that the club’s top pick is likely the last big prospect to be drafted, if all goes well. It’s understandable that management doesn’t want to miss out.

And it’s also understandable why they’d want a Smith or Carlsson.

That’s why it makes sense thatRadio-Canada’s Alexandre Gascon has written a piece in which he mentions that the Habs are doing what it takes to get in the draft.

The Sharks’ pick (fourth overall) is said to be in the club’s sights.

In reality, if the Habs feel that Carlsson and Smith, in order and out of order, will be the picks of the Blue Jackets and Sharks, moving up a spot to draft one would be ideal.

Obviously, pick #5 would go the other way. And since the CH has plenty of picks/hopes in the bank, it has what it takes to convince the Sharks to move in this direction.

We just don’t know if the CH GM is willing to pay the asking price… or if the Sharks want to make a move. After all, as we’ve just said, the #5 spot in this year’s draft is a tough one.

It’s possible that the Sharks will be happy with their choice.

I have a feeling that if they do, it’s because San Jose wants to draft Michkov. Because if not, why go down in the draft for a player significantly less talented than the one available at No. 4?

I also wonder if Kent Hughes would be willing to do it (move up one spot) for Smith alone, or if it could be done for Carlsson too. We’ll have to keep an eye on that.

In gusts

– Logical.

– Well done.

– There’s always something going on.

– It’s going to be a bumpy ride in Ottawa. [98.5 FM]

– The party is on in Vegas.

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