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Jean-Charles Lajoie settles scores with Michel Villeneuve via podcast
Over the past few months, Michel Villeneuve has been popping up on Twitter. And the more we watched him post, the more we realized that the former journalist was back for one reason: to speak out against Jean-Charles Lajoie.

For those who want to listen, here’s the place to do it. The Solemn podcast welcomed the BPM Sports and TVA Sports host to talk about his career and his work.

It was during the interview that a “fuck, marry, kill ” question came up. He was faced with the choice between Jeff Fillion, Martin Lemay and Michel Villeneuve.

That’s when he started talking about the war between the two men. We know it’s an old one, but it came to the surface recently, when Villeneuve took it upon himself to dismantle him on Twitter.

The old squabbles between 100% and 91.9 Sports have not been resolved.

Clearly, JiC didn’t like the tweets about him, but above all, the one that didn’t go down well was the one where Le Dernier Vrai claimed that Jean-Charles’ co-host (Daphnée Malboeuf) had lost her job at the radio station. The host said it wasn’t true.

At one point, Villeneuve was tweeting several times a day to speak ill of Lajoie. He recently chose to quit Twitter, which made the host very happy.

In the podcast, he said that his tweet in response to Michel Villeneuve’s departure had caused quite a stir.

During the podcast, JiC wished Michel Villeneuve help. He lets him live his lies and misfortunes because he doesn’t want to get involved.

He also mentioned feeling sorry for his wife, who is a good person, and wished her time to look after her family.

The podcast is well worth a listen. He talks in particular about Réjean Tremblay, who was an influence on him when he was young, mentioning that he didn’t take the same turn as he did. He says he’s still a people’s guy.

In any case, the host opened up.


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