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Phil Kessel criticized Toronto after its third Stanley Cup

Phil Kessel will always be a polarizing figure in the NHL. Even though we didn’t hear much about him during the playoffs (because he only played the first four games), we know he was a good teammate with the boys.

The NHL’s iron man, who doesn’t exactly have the same life discipline as Nathan MacKinnon, is a different animal. The man known as a hot-dog eater isn’t the biggest workout maniac, but against all odds, he stays healthy.

We’re not sure how, though.

All this to say that yesterday, Kessel became a three-time Stanley Cup champion. Alec Martinez and Jonathan Quick, who won together in Los Angeles in 2012 and 2014, are also in the group.

After the game, the man who also won in Pittsburgh in 2016 and 2017 mentioned that he had no intention of stopping playing. He still has passion and wants to continue to stand out in the NHL.

I dare to believe that a club will sign him.

What I also dare to believe is that this club won’t be the Toronto Maple Leafs. After all, his time in Ontario was chaotic, and Kessel was roundly criticized by Maple Leafs fans.

But yesterday, Kessel hit back.

The veteran said it’s special to win when his daughter can experience it all with him, but it’s also special because he can rub it in the faces of those who told him he’d never win anything.

And he’s thinking of the people of Toronto on this one.

When I was in Toronto, they didn’t think I could win, did they?

Now I’ve won three times. – Phil Kessel

Kessel, who brought the Cup to Toronto in 2016, has won three more Stanley Cup titles than the Maple Leafs since leaving the Queen City. He was never the face of his franchise again, but never mind, he won.

Quite a character, that Phil.

In a gust

– Good one.

– We hear you.

– It’s off to a good start.

– Contract buyout: the window will open soon.

– That’s right.

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