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Nordiques: Jérôme Landry excites the hair on his legs

Just about everyone in Quebec hopes that the Nordiques will one day return to the NHL. After all, in Quebec City, they’d be a field hockey team that could rival the Habs. And in Montreal? It would create a good rivalry.

There are those in the CH who shouldn’t hope for the return of field hockey on the other side of 20, but that’s all.

That said, there are sometimes connections that are made that don’t have to be. For example, the fact that Pierre-Karl Péladeau lifted the Memorial Cup shouldn’t be linked to the fact that field hockey in Quebec City could return to the NHL via the same PKP.

But Jérôme Landry did just that earlier this week. On his radio show with Jonathan Trudeau, he drew links between bigger projects and seeing PKP lift the Canadian title trophy.

We know that the subject of the Nordiques has come to the fore in recent weeks because of what was happening with the Coyotes and the big crowds in Quebec City, but we’ve always known that the NHL has no desire to send a club to Quebec City.

That said, seeing PKP with the Memorial Cup at arm’s length seems to have told the radio host that this was more than just a trivial gesture.

I think he’s practising and also wants to show that he’s a good professional team owner.

And when I saw him with the Memorial Cup, lifting the Cup, I said to myself OK, he also wants to show that he’s a good owner and that he’s capable of winning on the field. – Jérôme Landry

According to the host, it’s no coincidence that he bought the Alouettes and that he’s seen around the Remparts. Why wasn’t he seen around the club more often before (he’s had the club since 2014)?

The host therefore finds it “far from commonplace” to see PKP showing up with the Memorial Cup, as if he wanted to show off.

Could winning in Quebec City help him burnish his image as a potential NHL owner? That’s the question indirectly posed by the host, who believes that Péladeau is still interested in bringing a franchise back to Quebec City.

If so, it’s going to take more than that.

But in my opinion, there’s no link between seeing him lift the Memorial Cup and the rest. There are links between buying the Alouettes and the way he manages the Remparts, but not with seeing him lift the trophy.

After all, a guy’s got a right to celebrate his trophy just for the sake of celebrating, right?

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