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Most NHL hopefuls want to play with Cole Caufield
The NHL draft is fast approaching. The Canadiens still have to figure out who their fifth-round pick will be. For the time being, there are a few prospects who can make their mark at the NHL combine .

TVA Sports reporter Anthony Martineau is at the event, and has met with several top draft prospects. According to the information he gathered, Montreal is an attractive destination for many of these young players.

In fact, the destination is interesting for many because they want to play with Cole Caufield. At the same time, any playmaker would dream of playing with Caufield, who can complete any play.

The CH’s most likely fifth-round target, Will Smith, also explained that he’d love to play with Cole Caufield. We hope to see them playing together in the coming years.

Will Smith recently beat Caufield’s mark at the World Under-18 Championship by scoring 20 points in the same tournament. Caufield had scored 18.

Smith is an American, as is Caufield, but he would join other excellent American players with the Tricolore: Jordan Harris, Sean Farrell and Lane Hutson. Will Smith will be playing for Boston College in the NCAA next year. He will become a teammate of Lane Hutson.

Another player also seems genuinely interested in Cole Caufield. It’s Andrew Cristall.

He’s not expected to emerge in the top 10 of the draft, but should be selected before the Panthers’ 31st or 32nd pick. It would be very surprising to see him land in Montreal, but if Kent Hughes really wants him, he’ll find a way to go get him.

As for the goaltending position, Martineau seems to have found a prospect who is confident he can make it in the NHL. The Czech, Michael Hrabal, believes he can succeed Carey Price.

It would be a huge task to accomplish, but if he impresses Kent Hughes before the draft, he could get his chance in the future. Hrabal will play for the University of Massachusetts in the NCAA next year.

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