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Leo Carlsson: the CH is the only team he’s talked to about his stuttering
Leo Carlsson is one of the most coveted prospects in the upcoming NHL draft. He shines on the ice and is expected to come in 2nd or 3rd in the next NHL auction. However, the Canadiens took the time to meet with him, in case he was still available at the fifth level.

As we all know, the Canadiens’ draft interviews are often very difficult. However, Montreal was the only team to ask Carlsson about his stutter, as reported by Guillaume Lefrançois of La Presse.

Leo Carlsson has stuttered since childhood, but he’s getting better and better at speaking Swedish. However, his stuttering is much more intense when he speaks in English. The problem is, he’s coming to play in North America, where he’ll have to speak in English.

Draft interviews are also conducted in English. According to Carlsson, no team has talked to him about his stutter, with the exception of the Canadiens. Rest assured, even though the CH’s questions can be tough, they didn’t laugh at the Swede’s condition.

In fact, a member of the Canadiens had asked him for advice on how to help a young stutterer. Carlsson suggested taking his time and speaking slowly. It’s an answer the Canadiens’ executives probably loved.

Speaking with Lefrançois, Carlsson mentioned that he would love to join the Habs. He likes the fact that it’s a great organization full of history. He could be one of the few Swedes to succeed in Montreal.

Leo Carlsson is very impressive and continues to prove it to the NHL combine .

He seems to have incredible strength. A guy like that would probably get a lot of fans in Montreal.

Another reason to have him in Montreal: he’s already taken French classes!

He even compares himself to great NHL players who have all had a big impact on their teams.

We’d all love to see Leo Carlsson in a Canadiens jersey at the draft, but we’ll have to wait and see if Kent Hughes is willing to sacrifice a lot of assets to move up a few levels.

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