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Samuel Girard’s parents welcome disaster victims from Chibougamau
Some Chibougamau residents took refuge in the Girard home. The parents of Avalanche defenseman Samuel Girard welcomed Hugo Tremblay, Kelly Morin and their son Jacob, who had to leave Chibougamau because of the forest fires.

In fact, Samuel Girard’s mother returned from an evening of bingo and asked her partner if they could welcome a disaster-stricken family into their home. Samuel Girard’s father, Tony, agreed, but they had to ask Samuel, the owner, for permission.

Naturally, Samuel Girard gladly accepted. According to his mother, he’s a very generous person.

This is an incredible gesture from the Girard family. Taking in strangers can make many people cringe, but they saved this family from a bad situation, and they seem very happy to have done it.

As the refugee family’s father, Hugo Tremblay, explains, the first option was to live in a tent. Comparing the two options, the Girards’ cozy waterfront property becomes an immense luxury.

The residents of Chibougamau had to evacuate because of the forest fires, and had to find new temporary accommodation, otherwise they would have to go to the Centre sportif Benoît-Lévesque, an arena that welcomed refugees.

Even if it wasn’t his idea in the first place, it’s a very nice gesture by Samuel Girard. It proves once again why he’s such an appreciated player in the NHL.

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