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Serge Savard: Expectations of the CH are “not the same” as they used to be
Credit: He still resents Ronald Corey's lack of professionalism.
Well, yes, again.

It’s far from the first time this has happened, we agree. But Serge Savard has (once again) decided to speak ill of the Montreal Canadiens organization.

What did he say this time, you ask?

Well, according to an RDS article, the former member of the organization confided in an interview with La Presse Canadienne that he was disappointed to see that today’s expectations of the Flanelle are not the same as they used to be.

Before the season, we were asked if we were going to win the Cup. Now they’re asking if the Canadiens are going to make the playoffs. We don’t talk about the Cup at the start of the season. – Serge Savard

I can understand where this is coming from, given that the Habs were used to winning almost every year decades ago.

It’s true that back then, the bar was always set high… But it’s a bit pointless to compare “the old days” with today. For the simple reason that the National League really isn’t the same as it was 30, 40, 50 or even 60 years ago.

There are now 32 teams in the league, the salary cap is an important aspect of the “new game”, draft rules are far from the same as they used to be…

It’s just not the same.

I’m not saying the Habs had it easy when they were racking up Stanley Cups at an incredible rate. In the end, the club lifted the trophy often enough because it was the best team in the NHL…

But you can’t rule out the fact that the competition wasn’t the same. That’s simply a fact.

And to say that today’s expectations are lower because we don’t think about the big honours at the start of the season is a bit crazy in my opinion.

After all, it’s all about expectations, and yes, the Habs had a tough season in 2022-2023.

But no one was talking about the Stanley Cup at the start of the season, because everyone knew it was an unattainable goal.

In gusto

– A nice contract.

– The Armada will have to find a new head coach.

– Really?

– Bravo to him and his family.

– Practice makes perfect!

– The question is worth asking.

– Well deserved.

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