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José Théodore wants to see Patrick Roy in Toronto or New York
Patrick Roy currently seems to be more a victim of his shortcomings than of his qualities. Leaving his job in Colorado in 2016 has left its mark. The fact that he wants a say on the second floor may also be disturbing.

But behind that, if a club hired him, a winner would land in the NHL again. A guy who is still intense, but has calmed down, can bring a club to the next level.

And he can show a club how to win. He knows how to do that.

That’s why José Théodore, in his column of the day, believes that the former Canadiens goaltender would be a perfect candidate for the Toronto job – should Sheldon Keefe ever be fired.

Imagine Saturday night games in Montreal…

It’s hard to disagree with Theo, since what Toronto really needs is to learn how to win and move on to the next level. And Roy knows a thing or two about how to do that. Just a little.

Théo also believes that a market like New York could be good for him.

Remember, though, that right now, the Rangers don’t seem to be considering him and the Maple Leafs have a coach. His chances are obviously slim.

The Flames, the other club with an open position, don’t seem to have him on their shortlist either.

Does this mean it’s Ottawa or nothing in his case? I have the impression that if the right group buys the club, the door could eventually open in his case.

It would be a shame to see all his efforts over the past few years to become an up-to-the-minute coach not rewarded with an NHL position. It would surely remain a disappointment for him.

After all, we know he wants to return to the NHL.

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