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Pierre-Luc Dubois: The Jets have reportedly asked for Nick Suzuki in exchange

It’s hard to believe that Pierre-Luc Dubois’ future lies in Winnipeg.

After all, he’s been the subject of numerous rumours ever since his agent said he wanted to play for the Habs, which is why the subject continues to cause a stir in Montreal, even if there is some uncertainty regarding his contractual situation.

What we do know, however, is that the Habs and Jets have had discussions in recent months about a possible deal. Kent Hughes and Kevin Cheveldayoff spoke to each other during the 22-23 season, and they also negotiated (several times) last summer.

That said… The conversation seems to have taken a slightly different turn in recent days.

Murat Ates, Jets correspondent for The Athletic, has written an article stating that, at some point in the discussions between Hughes and Cheveldayoff, the Jets were interested in acquiring Nick Suzuki in a possible deal to send Dubois to Montreal.

One version of the discussion I heard said that Winnipeg was after Nick Suzuki – a non-starter for Montreal – while the Canadiens tried to build a package around Christian Dvorak, Josh Anderson and a first-round pick. – Murat Ates

In the end, the Canadiens would not have wanted to part with their current captain, which is somewhat understandable.

Instead, Hughes saw Christian Dvorak, Josh Anderson and a first-round pick as interesting pieces to acquire the Quebecer.

Wow. That’s what I thought when I read Murat Ates’ article.

Nick Suzuki versus Pierre-Luc Dubois… I probably wouldn’t even make the switch if it were 1v1.

For sure, the Jets were and will be greedy when listening to the offers for the main interested party. We’re talking about a center who’s got good size, who’s capable of pulling his weight defensively and who has interesting offensive qualities.

There are players like Dubois in the NHL. But when these players become available to different NHL teams, it’s different because they’re not on the streets every year.

We all agree that to get a good player on the trade market, you usually have to pay the price for his services. But to trade one of the best players in the Habs organization for Nick Suzuki, who has been their captain since the start of the year… I think that’s asking too much.

And I’m sure you feel the same way.

In gusto

– Absolutely.

Ayoye! 🤕🤕

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– Great question.

– Considering…

– My god.

– Fans who say nonsense like that shouldn’t even be allowed to attend games.

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