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No, I don’t see Patrick Roy coming to Montreal this summer.

Right now, if there’s one name that’s all the rage, it’s Patrick Roy. The former Canadiens and Avalanche goaltender won the QMJHL title, and these days he’s busy preparing his club for the Memorial Cup.

If the Remparts have won the Gilles-Courteau Trophy, it’s thanks in no small part to him. He may give credit to the players (which is true), but it all starts with him.

We’re talking about him a lot because his name is coming up in the NHL. Whether it’s with the Rangers, Senators or Blue Jackets, he’s been mentioned a few times in the past while.

We know he doesn’t want to dwell on rumours (and he’s the first to say that too much talk isn’t good), but his name seems to be circulating more than in other years.

Is it because he has a big club in Quebec City that can win it all? Is it because the more time passes, the less it matters how he left Colorado in 2016?

Who knows. But the more time goes by, the more I believe in a potential return to the NHL as a coach.

I don’t believe in the Blue Jackets scenario because I don’t see him in a small… American market. If he lands in a smaller club, it will potentially be in Canada, in Ottawa.

Still, I believe in the scenario that would send him to New York with Chris Drury’s Rangers, who owe the Casseau his Stanley Cup ring in 2001. Have you noticed that the rumours are quiet in New York at the moment?

At the very least, I think he could be a target for the Maple Leafs. Although he’s more accustomed to managing young players, he could clean things up if the new GM decides to change coaches.

I wouldn’t put my life savings on it, but I’m not saying it’s impossible. In any case, it would spice up the rivalry with the CH…

But I don’t believe in the Canadiens. I think we need to talk about it because I’ve read and heard people who want him with the Habs.

A few years ago, when he got the Colorado job, we suspected he wanted either a Montreal or a Denver job. And since the Habs hired Michel Therrien in 2012, that closed the door on Montreal.

But now, both teams have a coach in place. A change is not in the cards.

If the Habs had to hire him, Geoff Molson would have named him VP. Or Jeff Gorton would have named him GM, a position he was interviewed for. Or Kent Hughes would have named him coach.

But that hasn’t happened. I don’t get the feeling Geoff Molson wants to hire him.

And for those who think he could come back as an assistant to Martin St-Louis, I’d say he’s not an assistant in life. I don’t think he’s that keen to return to the NHL.

Roy, if he comes back, will want to do things his way. He doesn’t need to learn the ropes as an assistant, and he likes to be in control.

In fact, I can see him asking for second-floor rights if he returns to the NHL as a coach, as he did in Colorado from 2013 to 2016.

That’s more his style.

I don’t know if Le Roy will find what he’s looking for in 2023. But I suspect he’d rather stay at home than take a job in conditions that don’t suit him.

In bursts

– Oh?

– Good news.

– Good news.

– He fits in well in Boston.

– Good news.

– Obviously.

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