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Lane Hutson scores (another) superb World Championship goal

I’ve decided to be more productive in my life these days. I’m looking for ways to save time and be a little more efficient in my daily tasks.

I’m coming to the conclusion that the prep meal isn’t the most efficient way to do it.

In fact, my most effective technique would be to write articles in advance saying that Lane Hutson has performed a little gem on the ice. All I’d have to do is add the tweet in question and POUF: that’s it.

After all, it happens all the time.

All I’d have to do is recall his last great goal/game and that’d be it. I could then quickly go about my other business at a time of my choosing, quite simply.

Here’s how it looks.

_ _ _ _ _

Lane Hutson is an incredible player who never ceases to impress every time he steps on the ice. And just today, on the sidelines of[give context on the game], he wowed the gallery.

The Habs prospect[explained his sequence and whether he scored or made a beautiful pass], which had the effect of making the rounds of the web for the[insert number] times in[insert number] games.

[insert tweet]

Let’s not forget that Lane Hutson has also[put a link to his last great game, which was probably just a few days ago], which fully demonstrates the extent of his talent.

_ _ _ _ _

Joking aside, after scoring in a side-by-side in the last few days (May 17), seeing him score another superb goal this morning in the World Championship qualifying tournament shows that the American doesn’t score beautiful goals by chance.

We suspected as much, of course, but to see him having success against older guys is a good sign.

His second goal of the tournament came against Sweden. In fact, he came close to scoring another beautiful one today, which has CH fans excited.

Clearly,[insert sentence about his future in Montreal].

Breaking news

– It’s coming. At the rate things are going, the club may be in the third round by then.

– Conflict of interest with Tom Brady, TV and the Raiders?

– Who to draft with the Panthers’ pick? [BPM Sports]

– One to watch.

– Well done.

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