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Ryan Leonard: a name to watch at the draft for the Canadiens

Will Smith, Gabriel Perreault and Ryan Leonard are three players who spent last season together in the USHL… and they broke it all.

The former is more than well known to CH fans, and it would be surprising if he were available when the Habs get their first crack at the draft next month.

Gabriel Perreault, a Quebecer who grew up in Nashville, is also expected to go in the first round. And like Smith, Yanic’s son wouldn’t say no to being drafted by the Habs.

And finally, on this line, there’s Ryan Leonard.

Next season, the three of them will be playing together at Boston College. Each of them will be trying to ensure that the team that takes a chance next June will be rubbing their hands.

And what if the Canadiens were to take a chance on Leonard?

It’s not an unlikely scenario. If Connor Bedard, Adam Fantilli, Leo Carlsson and Will Smith go out first and the Habs want to avoid Matvei Michkov, it could happen.

At least, he’s one to watch. Marco D’Amico talked about it this week.

Leonard’s name has recently come up on the site, but we’re talking about a guy who can play physically, but more importantly, is a prolific goal scorer.

Last year, in 57 games with the U18 national team, he had 51 goals. Still.

Anthony Martineau also talked about the player, who must be a target for the Habs to consider at the #5 position. He’s explosive on skates, but needs to work on his vision and predictability with the puck.

But he’s still a player. Even if he’s not six feet tall.

Clearly, the Habs will have plenty of picks for the upcoming draft. And that’s if they decide to draft, since the pick could also bring in another element.

Stay tuned.

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