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Angela Price helped a fan meet Carey Price
Since Carey Price is no longer playing, we feel he has more time to give back to the community.

The man who will be moving out West with his family in the next few weeks (as has been planned for some time) is more often seen at events than before.

But sometimes it doesn’t involve a big moment organized and announced with great fanfare. Once in a while, the daily newspaper takes care of showing a fan a good time.

As reported on TVA Sports, a fan met Carey’s wife (Angela) and she arranged for the fan to have a chat with her husband. How? By calling her.

As seen on Instagram (because yes, the fan in question did of course immortalize the moment via a photo), Angela called Carey via video call to introduce him to her supporter.

The two took the opportunity to chat.

I don’t know how Sean W. Stephenson approached Angela to manage to get her to call Carey, but she was in her car at the time of the photo with the goalie and the supporter.

So she obviously showed her generosity by taking the time to share a moment with the Canadiens’ star. It was an unexpected gesture for a Canadiens fan.

Even though he hasn’t been playing field hockey for a year and his contract is a financial millstone around the Habs’ neck, the goalie is always well received by La Flanelle fans.

Clearly, he hasn’t been forgotten.

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