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QMJHL : Stéphane Leroux criticized for his coverage (too partisan and not partisan enough)

Right now, there’s a lot of talk about the QMJHL. After making headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent months, the playoffs have brought a more positive wind back to the league.

The Final Four, which featured four QMJHL powers (Quebec City, Halifax, Gatineau and Sherbrooke), gave way to the Remparts and Mooseheads in the final. The latter are currently 3-1.

And you’ll notice that across the province, we’re not necessarily talking about the players on either team. There are some who are getting a lot of attention, but there are two things in particular: the Quebec City market and Patrick Roy.

After all, Quebec City is looking good (aside from the Coyotes’ predicament), and the same goes for Patrick Roy, who is aiming for a return to the NHL. These are the hot topics in the field hockey world.

All this to say that people are turning their attention to the QMJHL right now, which means that, by necessity, there’s more criticism of the product.

That’s the way it always is.

Right now, the one who’s getting criticized is Stéphane Leroux. He’s not paid by any particular club, but by RDS to cover the league.

Since he covers the circuit in general, he can’t be partisan. But not everyone wants to listen to someone who is impartial. That’s why, on Twitter, he’s criticized for his lack of intensity when there’s a goal.

But that’s not all: he’s also being criticized for the opposite: for not being neutral enough. Ironic, you say?

In fact, because of his neutrality, some people see it as the fact that he’s rooting for the other team. And since the duel is Quebec vs. Halifax, many Quebecers criticize him for taking Halifax’s side.

And it’s not just the fans who blame him.

According to a tweet posted this morning on Quebec City radio (FM 93, i.e. Cogeco), Stéphane Leroux has been criticized for not being enough of a Remparts fan.

The Q’s game describer, who’s doing a great job in this QMJHL final, said that as a member of the Cogeco family, he’s ready to answer any questions Stéphane Dupont might have.

That would be interesting to hear.

It’s worth mentioning that Stéphane Leroux allows himself more emotion when describing Canada or Memorial Cup games, where he can respectively take on Canada and the QMJHL club more freely. So he does things the right way.

It’s rare to see the QMJHL’s product featured on television. Let’s make the most of it.

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