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Patrick Mahomes wants to see the Coyotes in Kansas City
Even if Quebecor can afford to operate an NHL franchise in Quebec City in a modern arena, we know that the future of field hockey at the other end of the 20 is not bright.

As long as Gary Bettman is in charge, it’s hard to imagine a Nordiques comeback.

What’s also worth considering, besides the market the Coyotes will move to (because their chances of staying in Arizona beyond 2024 are getting slimmer and slimmer), is money and popularity.

Quebec City, unfortunately, isn’t a very big market, and that wouldn’t bring new fans into the NHL family. After all, Quebec City is a market where field hockey is already popular. As far as I’m concerned, that shouldn’t stop us from making it more popular… but hey.

All of which is to say that the Quebec City market is unlikely to be the home of the Coyotes. Will Houston? If the answer is no, then expansion will follow in the NHL.

After all, there’s money to be made in Texas.

But we know that Kansas City’s name comes up quite often, too. And that’s even if we’re talking about a small U.S. city where the money isn’t necessarily flowing.

There are several teams in town that wouldn’t be out of field hockey’s league… but as long as you’re choosing a small town, why not choose a small town in Canada?

In KC, the only “big team” is the soccer team – and that’s because the NFL is so rich that a small market doesn’t really exist among the clubs on the circuit.

The club’s star, Patrick Mahomes, would like to see the Coyotes move to Kansas City.

Interestingly, Mahomes was born in Texas (in the town of Tyler, a little over three hours from Houston) and is well acclimatized to life in Kansas City. In particular, he is a minority shareholder in the Royals ball club.

I wonder how much Gary Bettman likes the Kansas City bid, which doesn’t have the appeal of Vegas or even Seattle.

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