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Patrick Roy linked to several teams by Kevin Weekes

Kevin Weekes likes to do things differently to say what he has to say, but he’s often right. He doesn’t hit for 1,000, but he has a good batting average.

In short, when he talks, we listen.

And last night, he got a lot of attention when he started talking about the coaching waltz in the NHL, but especially when he talked about Patrick Roy, who’s generating a lot of attention right now.

Why do you ask? Not least because his Remparts are just one win away from the QMJHL title (they won yesterday in Halifax) and a berth in this year’s Memorial Cup, which will be held in the West.

As you can see from his tweet, he doesn’t name any team in particular, but he does mention that several teams are interested in Patrick Roy right now.

That’s something.

Even without naming any teams, we can still wonder which ones might be interested in signing him. Would the Senators be among them?

I know: they have a coach… but for how long?

Could the New York Rangers, led by a Chris Drury who once shared the dressing room with Roy in Denver, be in the mix? There’s every reason to believe that the Quebecer could be interviewed.

Remember that it was this same Kevin Weekes, a few days ago, who took to social networks to mysteriously link the Rangers and the former Canadiens goaltender.

And what about the Blue Jackets, a club that should, according to Jeff Marek, be interested in Roy?

Wherever he goes, he could well become the second active NHL head coach to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Martin St-Louis is currently the only one.

It’s worth noting, however, that Roy currently has his head in the Remparts. He’s not worried about the NHL, in his own words.

A number of teams are currently looking for a coach. We’re talking about the Ducks, Flames, Blue Jackets, Rangers and Capitals, but not the Habs or Avalanche, his two former teams.

Personally, I’m intrigued by the Capitals’ name, as he’s been linked with the team in the past. There’s no reason to do it again in 2023, but I’m intrigued.

Remember that if he doesn’t get an NHL job, he’d still have to leave his coaching position in Quebec City. Simon GagnĂ© is seen as the Remparts’ next pilot.

In bursts

– It couldn’t be simpler.

– Patrick Roy has to manage his players’ excitement in front of the Quebec City crowd.

– Good listening.

– Yes.

– Big win for the Blue Jays last night.

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