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David Reinbacher: another sign of Canadian interest
The Montreal Canadiens had a miserable year, as we all know. It was expected.

But since not everything is perfect, a rebuilding club like the Habs is fortunate to have moments when anything seems possible. And as the draft approaches, that’s exactly what we’re experiencing.

After all, right now, just about any top prospect is likely to be available to the CH. Not Connor Bedard or Adam Fantilli, but you get the idea.

Let’s just say it’s not a luxury the Tampa Bay Lighting, for example, can afford.

All this to say that, at No. 5, we know that the Habs will surely have the tough task of deciding whether Matvei Michkov will come to Montreal or potentially begin his NHL career… at the other end of the 20. #Coyotes

No, I don’t think the Coyotes will be moving to Quebec City.

If the Habs don’t draft Michkov (which is likely) and Leo Carlsson and Will Smith are already gone, Habs management could look outside the box.

And they could, as Nicolas Cloutier of TVA Sports points out, get their man on the blue line via David Reinbacher.

The Austrian, who recently left for the hospital at the World Championship, is the best defenseman of his generation. He stands 6’2 and weighs 185 lbs. And, of course, he’s right-handed, which may attract the Canadian.

After all, apart from Logan Mailloux and Justin Barron, Montreal is thin on the right.

According to TVA Sports, the young man, who played in Switzerland last year, is in the Canadiens’ sights. He’s not the first to make such comments.

Why not? Because Brian Wilde and David Ettedgui have also made similar comments in recent weeks.

And clearly, it’s understandable why the Habs would want to draft such a defenseman. After all, if he does become a Moritz Seider, the Habs will be happy to have him on their roster.

Because yes, there are comparisons to be made. Whether it’s a TVA Sports source or Jeff Tomlinson, who coached Reinbacher in Switzerland this season, it makes sense.

At the same age, I’d tell you I prefer Reinbacher’s game with the puck to Seider’s. – Source by Nicolas Cloutier

In Reinbacher, we’re talking about a defender who has no flaws and is mentally strong. We see him becoming an excellent first-pair player, and if he can give his shot a bit of a boost, he’ll potentially become more than hard to stop.

He’s said to be able to move the puck well, which is important in the modern NHL.

In two years, if given a real chance, he’ll be producing in the National Hockey League. I have no concerns about his offensive abilities. – Jeff Tomlinson, David Reinbacher’s coach

His humility off the rink, which doesn’t translate in the same way on the ice, could make him a player equipped to play in Montreal… if that’s the direction the CH decides to take.

He’s currently Europe’s fifth-best prospect. It’s said that it’s not impossible to believe he could go quite high, since many teams like what they see.

One club is even thinking of drafting him.

It’s an interesting proposition because everyone assumes that the Habs will go with a fifth-ranked forward. But what if Reinbacher changes those plans?

After all, maybe if the Habs draft a defenseman that high, the GM has a plan in mind to go after another good-quality top-20 draft pick? Who knows?

I do think, though, that if the Habs draft Reinbacher fifth, a goalie won’t necessarily be chosen with the Panthers’ pick.

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