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Rumor mill: Penguins and Flames interested in Stan Bowman
Credit: He knows all the tricks...
Since the end of the regular season in the National Hockey League, a number of teams, disappointed with the way their season has gone, have been cleaning house.

Indeed, several teams have fired their head coaches and even their general managers.

In addition, teams that were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs were recently added to this group.

As a result, we now find ourselves with several vacant posters across the NHL, either behind the bench as head coach, or in the offices as general manager.

Among the teams that have cleaned house are the following:

  • Pittsburgh Penguins – Vacancies : Head coach and GM
  • Calgary Flames – Vacancies : Head Coach and GM
  • New York Rangers – Vacancy: Head coach since yesterday
  • Washington Capitals – Vacancy: Head Coach
  • Anaheim Ducks – Vacancy: Head Coach
  • Columbus Blue Jackets – Vacancy: Head Coach

This leaves the way open for a busy summer of NHL hiring.

Vacancies mean endless rumours.

Well, there have already been a number of rumours, the most recent of which concerns former Chicago Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman.

The Pittsburgh Penguins and Calgary Flames are among the teams interested in his services.

This means that Stan Bowman could very well be back in an NHL team’s front office, most likely as general manager.

Bowman was not, to put it politely, a very good GM in Chicago.

So it’s a bit of a surprise to see his name back in the rumour mill, but at the same time, we all know that the NHL is generally a little click that likes to recycle the same people.

Another rumor, this one behind the bench, is that Joel Quenneville is not an option for the New York Rangers in their now vacant head coaching position.

So, in a way, this puts to rest the rumour that came out earlier this week.

It’s surprising news considering that Joel Quenneville is seen as an excellent coach throughout the NHL, despite his past with the Blackhawks’ Kyle Beach saga.

This leaves the door open for other teams without a coach to hire Quenneville.

Finally, we recall yesterday’s news that Gerard Gallant is no longer head coach of the Rangers.

Clearly, Gallant didn’t leave that much money on the table to be out of a job.

The former CH man surely knew that several teams would be interested in his services.

It remains to be seen where he will end up next season, and who will replace him in New York.

Kevin Weekes mysteriously linked Patrick Roy to the Rangers after Gallant’s departure was announced.

In a gust

– Happy Birthday Josh!

– Lots of action today.

– Things are definitely looking up for CF Montreal!

– Sad that it’s not enough to attract long-term players.

– They will indeed make a lot of money.

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