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Cole Caufield contract: many think they’ve found a clue on Instagram
What is everyone in Montreal looking forward to right now?

The end of roadworks and orange cones? Fewer bike paths? A new metro line? The REM?

None of the above.

Everyone in Montreal is anxiously awaiting the announcement of Montreal Canadiens star forward Cole Caufield’s next contract.

It’s eagerly awaited, of course, but also with trepidation, because we’re hoping for a long-term contract in the 7-8 year range, but there’s a fear that Caufield might sign a shorter-term bridge contract.

So, in a situation like this, every little detail, every little rumour and every little clue about number 22’s next contract makes the rounds on the web and is analysed by everyone.

Well, recently, many CH fans think they’ve found a clue to Cole Caufield’s situation.

The clue can be found on the Montreal Canadiens’ Instagram page.

I’ll let you observe for yourself.

What you see in the CH bio is a link to Cole Caufield.

You’re probably thinking that this doesn’t mean anything, but normally, this link is simply the URL to the Montreal Canadiens’ website.

So, normally, this is what the Tricolore’s bio looks like.

(Credit: Screenshot/Twitter)
Our colleagues at HabsetLNH also reported the news.

The Habs have changed the link to Cole Caufield, but only on Instagram.

Is this a clue or just a mistake?

The link leads to a page where you can buy various Cole Caufield products.

In my opinion, this isn’t a mistake on the part of the CH, but it may be a simple change to highlight the products that can be purchased in CH colors.

But I think it’s also quite possible that it’s a hint or a teaser that Cole Caufield’s contract announcement is just around the corner.

Could such an announcement be made today, or will the CH wait until Monday’s lottery?

It’s an intriguing story to follow, and I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

In a gust

– A third straight win for CF in MLS.

– Who’s next?

– Things are going well for CF Montreal at home.

– Things are going very well for the Red Sox.

– We hope all is well in his case.

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