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Despite 21 points in eight playoff games, Joshua Roy impresses with his leadership

Joshua Roy is an intriguing prospect. I say that because, in reality, it’s pretty rare to see a fifth-round pick dominate his respective league the way he has for the past two seasons already. Keep in mind that Roy is a former first overall pick in the QMJHL. Things didn’t work out when he was in Saint John, but since the trade that sent him to Sherbrooke, it’s been night and day. We’re beginning to know his qualities from the perspective we saw him excel at the last World Junior Championship. He had a slightly more defensive role in the Canadian line-up, but that didn’t stop him from collecting 11 points in seven games while being one of the tournament’s best players, qualities he’s been demonstrating unashamedly since the start of the QMJHL playoffs. His 21 points in just eight games enabled his team to sweep the first two series and advance to the semi-finals, and that’s something to be proud of. Now, we know that it’s not just points that count and tell you whether a player is good or not. But it’s not just that. Joshua’s head coach, Stéphane Julien, gives a good example, saying that it’s the youngster’s leadership that impresses him lately. He feels that Roy “has taken the team under his wing”, as the kid insists on leading his group and setting an example. I like to hear that. His progression curve, as Denis Gauthier mentioned last night on L’Antichambre, is more than interesting. Remember that Ethan and Kaylen Gauthier, the former NHLer’s two sons, play in Sherbrooke with the CH hopefuls.

It seems that the experience he gained at the last World Junior Championship is helping him a lot right now.After all, he’s seen what it takes to win even when surrounded by the best players his age from all over the world. If Joshua Roy continues to perform like this, the Sherbrooke Phoenix have a good chance of going all the way in the QMJHL playoffs.

And to hear his coach say that right now, it’s his leadership that’s impressing him, as Roy is averaging almost three points per game since the start of the playoffs, is good news in itself for the team… But especially for the Montreal Canadiens.

In a gaggle


– Unbelievable. Vegas, it’s Vegas.

– Will he make the jump as early as next year?

– The points will come if he keeps playing the right way.

– Note:

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