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Mike Matheson: Fans understand CH’s situation

Mike Matheson has run the gamut of emotions in 2022-2023. First injured at the start of the season, he was a relatively unknown face to the Montreal public before his debut on November 19, when he scored his first goal for the Sainte-Flanelle in a game in which he did well, but nothing more. It was only later that fans fell in love with the Canadiens’ defenseman #8, after another long visit to the infirmary. With his spectacular climbs and agility on skates, he showed such great things that people quickly forgot about Jeff Petry.

The man himself told The Gazette’s Stu Cowan what it was like to spend his first year with the CH. He says the energy around the team is incredible, despite the tougher times. He says it’s pretty “cool” to see the phenomenon.

He also talks about his very young son, who gets to see him play with CH. Every time he sees the logo, he says “dada”. It’s pretty special for Matheson, who occasionally looks at photos of himself in the jersey he’s dreamed of wearing. The most interesting part of the interview is Matheson’s comments on fan understanding. He says that the fans understand that the players are just as frustrated as they are, but that despite it all, they’re giving it everything they’ve got. Matheson isn’t the first to say this about Montreal fans, most of whom have bought into the management’s rebuilding plan. They know that it will take several years, but that the players won’t give up until they’ve achieved the goal of having a winning team. Let’s hope that patience will pay off in a few years’ time, but until then, the passion for the Sainte-Flanelle has not waned, at least not in the eyes of the players.

In Brief

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– Pretty crazy.

– The Rocket is playing a crucial game.

– Taylor Hall opened the scoring for the Bruins.

– Interesting opinion.

– Islanders in the driver’s seat.

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