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Flyers: Émilie Castonguay’s name circulates as club president

Right now, a few teams have management positions to fill. The Flames have fired their GM and are looking for a replacement. The Penguins have wiped the slate clean and fired both a GM and a president, and let’s not forget that while Daniel Brière is the Flyers’ (interim) GM, the club is also looking for a president of field hockey operations to cut Chuck Fletcher’s old job in half.

And when I say president, I could mean president. After all, as reported by Elliotte Friedman in the last few minutes on his podcast, he has reason to believe that the rumour that Émilie Castonguay is being considered for the job is true.

Having a woman as president could be a superb step forward in the NHL. It remains to be seen whether we’re talking about the club’s field hockey department or not. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but Friedman believes the rumour and seems to wonder if the interview has already taken place or if it will. Let’ sremember that the former player agent (notably Alexis Lafrenière) saw her name circulated for the position of GM of the Habs, but she had a job with the Vancouver Canucks as an assistant without ever having met with the Flanelle. We know thata complaint was filed against the Quebecer and the Vancouver club by a former Canucks employee, but there hasn’t really been any (public) follow-up to the case.

If Castonguay were to get the job, she wouldn’t be the only Quebecer to have held a high-profile position in Philly. After all, the Eagles employed Catherine Raîche for several years, and she even interviewed to become GM in Minnesota while she was with the Eagles.

A French-speaking duo of Brière and Castonguay would certainly attract attention. After Chuck Fletcher (who was born in Montreal), there would be some continuity on the Flyers’ side. This is an issue to keep an eye on, as several candidates will want the job.

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