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Ten Historic NHL Matches to Rewatch This Weekend
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We’re grateful for the historic moment in 1917 when the National Hockey League (NHL) was founded. It marked the beginning of professional ice hockey in North America, laying the framework for decades of rousing games and legendary players. That modest start has given us over 100 years of high-octane games and the rush of watching maestros yield their sticks with consummate skill.

You don’t need an excuse to immerse yourself in the highs and relive the epic moments of this splendid game. Whenever you need a quick pick-me-up, rewind and watch some of the electrifying classic games that had us on the edge of our seats when we were younger.

Here’s how and where you can rewatch the games that made entire stadiums erupt in joy (and may even have brought a tear to some eyes).

How to Watch the Classic Old Hockey Games

You don’t have to rely on your local sports network to get your fix. There are several other sources where you can dip in to stay in the mood.

Fortunately, many streaming platforms have picked up some classic hockey games, which means you can watch them like any other of your favorite series or movies. For example, ESPN+ offers an extensive collection of old hockey games perfect for binge-watching.

NHL.TV is another good source for rewatching previous games. The NHL GameCenter offers a subscription service and a substantial library of old NHL games to watch on demand. Alternatively, the NHL Network regularly includes classic games in its programming, especially during seasonal events and tournaments. Fans traveling or living abroad may need a VPN to access these games, as there may be copyright issues for viewers outside the US and Canada. Just connect to a server within the US or Canada to change your IP location, and you’re good to go.

If you don’t have a subscription to a streaming service, you can head to YouTube. Fans often upload hockey classics. However, you will have to endure numerous ads while watching unless you use an ad blocker before connecting to YouTube. An advanced ad blocker removes annoying ads and blocks web trackers that follow you around the internet. The result is better connection quality and uninterrupted viewing, which are essential while watching a sports game where every moment counts.

The Best NHL Games of All Times

Everyone has a subjective view of the greatest classics. Still, to keep the conversations lively for our fans, we have decided to offer our pick of the best historic NHL matches and moments that stand out in memory. You may want to add a few games to the list, but most people will agree that these games deserve to be remembered as all-time greats. Let’s start in 1950 and work our way to the present.

The 1950 Stanley Cup Finals – Game 7

This game has been called the Comeback of the Ages. During the 1950s Detroit Red Wings’ clash with the New York Rangers, Pete Babando tied the game for Detroit at the last in-game minute and then scored the winning goal in double overtime.

The 1972 Summit Series – Game 8

In one of the most incredible international hockey events ever, Paul Henderson scored the winning goal for Canada against the Soviet Union with just 34 seconds to go. It gave the 6-5 victory to Canada.

The 1976 Canada Cup Final – Game 3

Darryl Sittler scored the winning goal in overtime after an intense battle between Canada and Czechoslovakia, giving Canada a 5-4 victory.

The 1979 Challenge Cup – Game 3

Darryl Sittler struck again! He scored the game-winning goal for a remarkable 8-5 victory for the NHL All-Stars.

The 1980 “Miracle on Ice”

The American team consisted of amateur and college players in the USA vs. USSR game. They weren’t considered much of a threat to the serial medalist USSR team. But, in an incredible upset, the underdogs defeated the heavily favored Olympic gold medal Soviet team with a 4-3 final score.

The 1993 Stanley Cup Finals – Game 5

Montreal Canadiens and the Los Angeles Kings were tied for the series with two games each. During their eagerly awaited clash, John LeClair won the day when he scored the game-winning goal 1:41 minutes into the second overtime for a 4-3 Canadiens victory.

The 1994 Stanley Cup Finals – Game 7

1994 was the year the New York Rangers finally made a comeback. The Rangers scored their first championship win in 54 years against the Vancouver Canucks. Stephane Matteau scored the game-winning goal during double overtime.

The 1996 Western Conference Finals – Game 7

The Colorado Avalanche and the Detroit Red Wings had a tough back-and-forth battle when Joe Sakic finally scored the winning goal for Colorado with just over a minute remaining.

The 2002 Olympic Gold Medal Game

Canada and the United States faced off against each other in a tense game that remained scoreless until the second period. Despite the slow start, the game delivered nail-biting suspense until the 5-2 Canadian victory.

The 2010 Winter Olympics – Gold Medal Game

After a titanic struggle, Sidney Crosby scored the golden goal in overtime to secure Canada’s 3-2 victory.

Everyone is Welcome

You don’t have to be a die-hard fan to enjoy rewatching these classic games. Each one demonstrates the excitement of a great game played by athletes at the top of their game. It’s a great reason to get family and friends together. Prepare your devices, check your connection, grab some snacks, and enjoy!

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