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Don Cherry now has his own statue in Saskatchewan
Credit: Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

In 2019, due to controversial comments about immigrants to Canada, Don Cherry was forced to retire “prematurely”.

Cherry starred in the popular Coach’s Corner segment.

Although he’s no longer on TV, he’s occasionally seen on social media, and in Saskatchewan, residents will be able to see him 24/7. Darren Jones, an oil well driller and artist in his spare time, decided to create a 15-foot statue of himself.

Saskatchewan town unveils 15 foot tall Don Cherry statue

Saskatchewan town unveils 15 foot tall Don Cherry statue

It also features his five-foot dog at his side.

Mortlach residents Mike Beaudoin and Terry Bittles asked Jones to build this eye-catching sculpture at the entrance. Jones added that the 15-foot wonder is there to change the scenery for motorists on the highway.

One thing’s for sure, Don Cherry in wood was a clear eye-catcher, even before the project was completed.

When I finished, I was just waiting for the horns to honk. People know and love Don Cherry. – Darren Jones

Beaudoin, the project’s head honcho, knew that the Canadian legend’s 90th birthday was approaching.

What better way to pay tribute than with a statue of him and Blue? It’s quite a creation!

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– What do you think?

– Oh no?

– He’s got experience.

– A beautiful moment of television.

– We wish him the best of luck.

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