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Alex Burrows to compete in Dek Hockey World Cup
Credit: Photo by Derek Cain/Getty Images

From June 5 to 8, Tremblant’s pedestrian village will be hosting an interesting event.

It’s the Dek Hockey World Cup.

A number of teams from all over the world will be on hand for the 2024 edition, making way for some good hockey.

The best part is that fans will have the opportunity to see a member of the Montreal Canadiens organization in action.

He may be behind the bench, but Alex Burrows will be representing Quebec at the tournament.

Burrows is President of the National Ball Hockey League, and has pushed in the past for ball hockey to become an Olympic discipline, as reported in a Radio-Canada article.

The guys at Habsolument Fan have also written on the subject recently.

In the summer, players and coaching staff take time out in their own way.

Some take the opportunity to travel, spend time with family, play golf… But Burrows is going to stay in shape by defending his province’s colors at a hockey tournament.

After all, any means necessary!

But above all, it’s going to give him a chance to get back into the sport, even during the summer.

At worst, if things go badly on the ice… He’ll just have to go back behind the bench to give advice to his players, because he now has the necessary experience to do so. Hehe.

In closing, for those interested, there’s a short summary of what’s in store for fans on Tremblant’s official website.

It can be found here.

In brief

– It’s done:

– It fits with the Bruins’ mentality.

– Wow.

– Falling like flies…

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