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Matt Rempe: only one Rangers loss since the deadline when he plays
Credit: Photo by Chris Tanouye/Getty Images

Matt Rempe’s name quickly became a household word in the NHL. Because of his style of play, the Rangers’ big man began to be the talk of the town.

He’s the kind of guy fans will quickly grow attached to.

Of course, he’s not exactly the most used player on the ice. In nine playoff games, for example, Rempe played more than 10 minutes only once.

He’s averaged 6:28 in the playoffs… and that’s not because he’s been fighting. Connor Bedard must understand that… or not.

What’s noticeable in the playoffs is that he’s played nine games and the Rangers have an 8-1 record when he’s in uniform. That’s a 2-2 record (two wins and a loss against Carolina and a loss against the Panthers) without him.

(Credit: ESPN)

Are we saying he’s THE main reason the Rangers are winning? Of course not.

But the fact remains that even if he plays for a good team, the Rangers simply don’t lose when he’s in uniform. Renaud Lavoie put in a good word for us in his TVA Sports article of the day.

However, we all know that having a Rempe on the bench, even if he doesn’t play much, makes a club bigger. Everyone feels a little braver when one of the NHL’s strongest men is sitting on the bench.

And it’s interesting to note that the New York Rangers, as Renaud Lavoie points out, have a 22-3-1 record – playoffs included – with the big man in uniform.

That means 14 wins and three losses, including one in overtime.

The last time the Rangers lost (apart from game #5 against Carolina) was on March 4. That was before the trade deadline, to put things in perspective.

Between the two losses, Rempe took part in 15 games, including nine in the regular season.

In a more limited role, Peter Laviolette is able to maximize the “power” Rempe can offer his team. It’s not the most important ingredient in the Rangers’ recipe, but it’s still a spice that gives a different taste. And it’s important, in the playoffs, to have that on hand.

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